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Great product

I can definitely recommend the Elite range!

The relief is astounding

I'm currently working towards getting my ADHD diagnosis and, as you can imagine, in the current climate it's not exactly high on the health service's priority list. I also suffer from a chronic pain condition so the brain fog is particularly bad. I tested 4 days worth of each one to see what would work best before buying the Elite's. The first few days of taking these was utter bliss. It's incredibly difficult to put into words. Usually, my brain is a bit like an office where I come in for the day and instead of having appointments or waiting their turn, all my thoughts barge in and just start talking all at once. I have no way of filtering or prioritizing them and if I get hyper-focused on something it's usually a stapler on the metaphorical desk. So the standard Brainzyme capsules meant that all my thoughts lined up but they were all still talking at once which made it easier to prioritize and get some tasks done but was still somewhat distracting. The Pro's are great for getting particularly important tasks done but they can exacerbate my anxiety and apparently make me seem more aggressive so I use those sparingly for specific things. The Elite's are a perfect balance for me. They make my thoughts sit in the waiting room and wait their turn. It's like having a secretary and a bouncer to help manage my day. With the added active ingredients it also helps my anxiety and means I don't get worked up. I can't recommend these enough. It's 100% worth getting the tester of each to see how they help.


I was pleasantly surprised that the Focus Elite actually did what it said it would do. Great product.


I feel refreshed all day and relaxed
Works wonders


I love this supplement, it has really helped me drag myself out of brain fog and that general feeling of 'what's the point?' that can hit you at times.


Helping with my attention suspected ADHD


Great to get all 3 to see which suits me. Infact I think all 3 do for different days or stages in my month. As when i'm due on my monthly cycle the original is perfect for calm and just that boost. I completely lost my mojo after last year a lot of personal circumstances plus the pandemic just drained me. The focus pro is fantastic for those days where i'm really struggling they absolutely get me through the day and I usually take a focus elite with it for mood. These really have given my mojo back which I thought was never going to return. So a huge THANK YOU. My lads have got their mum back that disappeared for a while. You can't get better than that. As its hard as I had my leg amputated and I should have got my prosthetic leg just as we went into lockdown so its been a tough time on all of us and my lads lost their grandad and my stepdad I could go on. But these have given me the kick up the bum I needed.

Great Product

Helps me feel present, aware, calm and collected under stressful circumstances and workouts. Highly recommend for those looking to improve there lifestyle and productivity.

Perfect for low vibe days

Works every time. Just take 3 in the morning and you’ll be at your best for the rest of the day.

Brainzyme® Focus (3-in-1) Set™

Yvette H.

I have used Brainzyme for six months now or more. They provide clearer focus and calm all three versions work it depends on the reason your choosing to use Brainzyme. I use Focus pro for clearer cognitive function. It has certainly helped improved my short term memory recall when writing assignments or working. With age my memory recall is slowing down so Brainzyme has helped me feel a bit sharper. I have also recommended it to friends. I have tried various nootropics before smart drugs and only one other had a similar effect which is no longer sold by another brand, Hence the switch. Fast efficient delivery they provide a good service. I’m looking to see what other lines they develop.

I think this is a good product

It works fine! I take 3 tablets/day.

Brainzyme is exceptional at the Elite and Focus Pro Levels

The original version lacks the vitamins in the advanced versions. They have the right mix at the Elite and Focus Pro formulas which I would highly recommend. I have had some significant brain fog and the Focus Pro made a serious difference in my thoughts and in my day overall. Buy those two advanced formulas and you cannot go wrong. Thank you Brainzyme.

The product that keeps on delivering

No complaints

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™

Great product

It works perfect for me, excellent results and I found this supplement effective to help with concentration.

Great product

Excellent results so far. Make sure you drink plenty of water.


Been experiencing alt of brain fog over the year, these supplements have really made a difference. My focus has improve. Will purchase again

A real alternative to energy drinks

I was sceptical. I didn’t think they could be as effective as he energy drinks I was consuming but I was wrong. These capsules provide an unrivalled focus level. You find yourself working away for the whole day without even breaking a sweat. I love them and have since ordered six months worth.

Great product

I found this supplement effective to help with concentration and keeping me focussed.

Perfect for me.

Focus pro dose exactly what it says
It works perfect for me
But I do give it a break on my off days and on my holidays
Just read the instructions given in the advice and information sheets
And you will find they really do work.

Mr Motivated

I’ve been finding these not only help with my memory, and shed that annoying brain fog, but they help me to be motivated throughout the day. So I actually get work done!

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™

Brainzyme® Focus Pro (6 capsules sample pack)
Game Changing

I have had ADHD (undiagnosed) my whole life, I'm nearly 50 now. I went looking for something that would help me to focus and to learn and be able to take on a very senior job I just landed. Taking Brainzyme has literally changed my working life and also helped with anxiety, energy and most of all concentration and of course FOCUS. These do what they say on the tin #gamechanger thankyou!

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™