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great for energy and uplifting mood

i started taking these as a last ditch effort to avoid medication for adhd. i have struggled with extremely low motivation and inability to focus since i was a child which has only become more unmanageable since progressing in my career (office based job). taking these gives a noticeable improvement to both my energy and my mood - i am more awake, in a better mood, and much more energetic and active. i have noticed a slight improvement to my focus in that i don’t burn out as quickly when i am able to focus on tasks, but not an improvement in general ability to focus. however this was expected as is not a substitute for proper medication, and in all honesty i wasn’t expecting this to have such a positive result. i take three in the morning and top up with 2 in the afternoon on difficult days (frequent). based on the cost for the amount i take a day and the fact it doesn’t magically resolve my issues it’s not economical to take everyday at the moment but it is something i am considering. all in all, fan of the product and will continue using!

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™
Giobertti Morantes

great I keep buying it

Great product, and does help with focus, but …

Really love Brainzyme Pro, it has helped my focus tremendously. Just a couple of pointers though, consider that if you have issues with low mood, you may want to consider the version above Pro, which does help with low mood, also, if low mood, avoid alcohol completely. Otherwise, love it and really does help, thanks!

Took longer than before

Hi, I love my Brainzymes and I'll make sure I order them with enough time. But it's hard to calculate this, as the first time, it took 22 days to get from UK to Mexico. And this second time, it took almost an entire month. I guess snail mail is known as that for a reason, but I thought you should know in case there was something on your end you could do.

It works!

It does work. I feel a lot more energetic and focused. Many thanks for this amazing product.

Thank you

Great product helps me stay calm and focused

Brainzyme is the shizzle!

Got a burst of energy ever since the first day of taking. I am doing more and feel more relaxed. Will by the elite next time.


I'm amazed, I suffer with adult adhd, Fibromialgia and the accompanying brain fog that I get with fibro. I got the pro version and they have really helped me get things done that I've put of for years due to my ways. This beats all medication the doctors have given me over the years and its all natural and fairly quick to kick in. It's so refreshing to have focus and clarity again.

I love them. I recieved a free sample of the elite capsules and I must say I had even better and preferable results in one day than I did over the pro. The pro are fantastic don't get me wrong. But the elite is something else for my mood. I'm a beatboxing busker and it takes alot of energy beatboxing in city centres for hours on end. The elites made my day the best busking day I've had in 2 years. I just really enjoyed my day and was in constant state of flow. Still had the energy and active mind on the evening for my daughter who stays.

I would love to switch to the Elites in all honesty or maybe even the Tripple pack of all three. But I just cannot afford it. I'm in the middle of rebuilding myself as a person after years of trauma heartache and pain and finally feeling more myself again. I just cannot spend any more than the pro price at the moment.

I really do recommend the pro and the elites. I can't speak for the original as I've never tried them but have since realised they support calmness so may even try them at some point. For now though I'm sticking with pro out of fear the originals won't be strong enough and the elites costing way to much for me. (though I understand the cost)

Thank you brainzyme, I'm off to a really good start!

Great product

Pleased with my order but only been trying for 2 weeks so early stages but working well for me 😎

Does exactly what it's advertised to do. Great product.


I took 1-2 tablets during day but it had the opposite effect of improving focus - brain fog & tiredness.
I noticed that the ingredients include gingko (something i was taking each night for quality sleep). So, after 2 days, I started taking one tablet at night of Brainzyme, instead of the gingko pill. — Result is much better.
It’s only 2 weeks in, but, so far, so good.

So far so good

Supplements arrived quickly, and a couple of weeks in they seem to be helping my son with his ADHD symptoms.

100% Effective product

I used to suffer a lot of daydreaming, low stamina, lack of concentration and cranky mood while studying. I never tried any nootropic before Brainzyme and I must say It has done wanders for me, especially Brainzyme focus pro.
Brain fog is reduced and almost eliminated. I have been taking Brainzyme for a year and I guarantee you that It does what It says.

Great service and products

The tablets have been really helpful, not only do i always feel good and focused after use, they make my headaches go away aswell. 10/10 recommend

Brainzyme® Focus (3-in-1) Set™

The elite worked best

I tried the all three together but i think the elite on there own is better , its hard to cut protein out of your diet as it is in everything but they work quite well , i have adhd and struggle to concentrate but these help a bit

Brainzyme® Focus Pro™

Brainzyme focus 3 in 1

Brilliant. I have so much engery and have recommended it to friends and family.

Brainzyme Focus Elite

I find the Brainzyme Focus Elite really helpful. It helps improve my focus and mood. I tend to take 2 capsules once a day when I need them and I have found this works for me.

1 month usage

I was a little skeptical using these at first and thought it was more of a placebo effect, but after reading several positive reviews, I thought why not give it a try. To give you an idea how I have found it, I have just finished my first batch of Focus Pro and placed an order on my second batch. I’ve noticed my focus and memory has increased dramatically, especially when I have to memorise things on a regular basis. I have come across a few potential side affects, but this could be for other reasons, which I am monitoring at the moment. I’ve given 5* because it has worked better than I had expected, and hoping to continue purchasing every month.

First time of using

I tried Brainzyme tablets for the first time and I was very pleased with the results. I am so pleased I have put in another order, I am so pleased I found the sale of these tablets on line.

Life changing!

These work! I feel so focussed and relaxed with so much energy!

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™
Deborah Cosgrove
Brainzyme Elite

Despite being skeptical this product makes a noticeable difference in how I cope with a ridiculously busy life. I ran out and until I reordered I was back into my old loops. Glad they were despatched quickly and life can return to my new normal 😀

Great supplement

Really worth it.

easy to take and definitely reduced the brain fog quickly

glad I found these, well worth getting and made a difference to my foggy head within a couple of days of taking them