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Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™

Replaced my anti depressant with these beauties!

I came off 20mg citalopram and replaced with with brainzyme pro. Sometimes I take once a day some times 2-3 (dependent on where I am in my pms cycle!)

Life Saver !’

Honestly the best tablet I have ever taken! Don’t question buying this for a second and just enjoy the decision you have of which one to buy !! I have thyroid issues, PMT, possible fibromyalgia and a single mum of 3 and within 1 hour of taking the tablet, I had clear thinking and energy.

I felt worried about my career and working abilities however now I’m definitely not !!

Thank you so much for making such amazing tablets .

Very Glad I Chose To Start With This Pack

I greatly value the transparency this company has with ingredients and scientific backing for them.
The starter pack showed me better which supplements affect me in different ways and I found that alternating between them for different types of days was very effective for different needs.
Personally, I felt the least effect with the elite so will probably be ordering the pro and original from now on! They really worked for me.

Helps with brain fog

I started taking these to try to improve my brain fog from long covid. It takes the edge off, enough for me to become reasonably functional. I stopped for a bit, to see if it made a difference, and the fog increased. So started again.

Not a cure, but a little help.

I’m now on fire

I’ve recommended this to friends and colleagues. Excellent outcomes from all 3 products, I’m now far more focused and productive.

Great Product

Purchased these as being assessed for ADHD and having trouble focusing. Read the reviews so thought I would give them a try. Really pleased, more mood boosting than my antidepressants have ever been! I do find I must take them on an empty stomach, before food, rather than after, but I am used to high amounts of caffeine. Really helps me work my way through the days obstacles without feeling burnt out.

Great boost before exams!

Helps me focus for longer hours, stay motivated and absorb more information with more clarity.

Actually works

Was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness. Initially I was afraid it would not work for me because I have 4-6 cups of coffee a day and I was diagnosed with major depression over two years ago. The antidepressants treat my sedative symptoms but do little for my focus and memory, I felt the supplements really helped with my focus and I’ve seen a slight improvement in memory (it’s important to note that I get 3-4 hours of sleep a day).
I feel like brainzyme has become an essential tool in preserving my functionality.

Brainzyme® FOCUS ELITE™

Elite Brainzyme

What a fantastic product and calm but energising boost.. Also, customer follow up absolutely second to none...this company will go from strength to say I'm impressed is an understatement!!

Pills that really work

I'm so glad I found these pills - they really help me clear the morning brain fog, improve my focus, and help me think straight. The Elite ones have a very calming effect too, reducing my anxiety attacks, whereas the Pro variety have a caffeine like effect. I tend to mix the two to get the optimal effects for my tasks on the day. They're now an essential part of my daily routine for the foreseeable future.

This helped me through my exam. It is a wonderful product. I actually came back for the purpose of leaving this review. Nice product!

Keeps me sharp & alert when I need it most

I like like this product. It works, definitely adds some focus to my day.

Really good before goung on a date to get rid of nerves

Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™
Ms j a v muscat

Very good I love them I will definitely buy more

Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™
Christopher Cunliffe
Does the job

I have started to use these after an operation and having Covid which has left me susceptible to tiredness and brain fog symptoms so on occasions when I need to focus and not get tired quickly I have 1 or 2 and these have done just the job!


I need 2 a day .

2nd purchase

Still like them. Really do lift the brain fog and make you feel better.


These are a very useful product and would highly recommend. I am a student and have just started a 6 week intense course i have used these suppliments for the first week taking two doses in the morning and a third dose if i need a little boost throughout the day and they work wonders. I stay focused and am alot more efficient and commited to working.

Keeps me awake for long days

I take these on the days I need to be awake and alert and I can say it works! It doesn’t make me extremely focused or motivated but it gives me energy and eliminates my need for a midday nap

Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™
Shirley Bagshaw
Amazing !

I am a multi returning customer & I see the need for Brainzyme, it really does make a difference & helps me focus, cognitive improvement & increased memory, I love the stuff & wouldn't be without it !

Only thing that helps me stay on task

Gives me clarity and focus. Helps reduce sluggishness and mental fog/ confusion/ disorientation when trying to do tasks. Seems to work better when i build up over time (sometimes I don't take them at weekends).

Brainzyme® FOCUS Single Packs
Ruby Annels
Superb customer service

Spoke with customer service as one of my packs of focus elite were off,somehow moisture seemed to have got in.
They replaced my order promptly without any hassle.
NY son is using these to help him thru his GCSE's. They really help.

They seem to work

Replaced my prescribed ADHD medication of almost 20 years with these and they seem to do the trick.