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100 percent!

Absolutely fantastic product, i like the focus original as they are just enough for me to jump start the day, i just have a couple in the morning an im good to go! Arrived really quickly too! great job brainzyme!!

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™
Hannah Willoughby



Brilliant supplement for everyone for healthy lifestyle!

Improves the quality of my life

I take prescription tablets for Restless Leg Syndrome. These make me feel a bit drowsy and 'down'. Brainzyme certainly helps combat these feelings, giving me a much better quality of life.

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™

Best brain nutrition

Amazing results from day 1, helped immensely with focus and concentration - keeps up the motivation


Helps with adult ADD

Brainzyme Pro is helpful with my Adult ADD giving me greater focus over a longer period of time without the usual jitters with pure high-strength caffeine and other stimulants etc.

Very happy

I decided that from 2022 I was going to be a more positive person, and wanted to be able to focus on what's really important. Throughout 2021 I could feel that I was unable to focus on any one thing and it became quite depressing never being able to finish one job. From the first time I took Focus Pro after about an hour, I felt a strange boost. It really is hard to describe, but I can honestly say that these tablets work for me! I feel very focussed and incredibly positive about everything!

Still going strong

This has helped me immensely since starting as I feel more confused even after a night out

Great product!

Barely contains any caffeine and it does exactly what is says! Within an hour of taking this on mornings when I have no motivation, it picks me up and gets me going! I feel rejuvenated and have a clearer mind

Fantastic Supplement

Since using Brainzyme Focus Pro I have found it easier to concentrate and retain information. Great product!!!! Thanks Girls and Guys

They work

I am a self employed business owner and often struggled with fatigue and procrastination. With brainzyme I can work like a machine. I have already put in my second order. I also suffer form ADHD which is why I bought them in the first place and they really help with that. Thanks guys!

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™

Several weeks in and I can feel the difference

Several weeks in and I can feel the difference. I also tried Elite Pro once (sample) and that did do as well for me. Staying on Focus Pro as result.


My brain has been ticking away since taking these tablets. Definitely recommend.

Brainzyme® Focus Pro™

Subtle though significant

I cycle the set daily to determine which is best for me though I now think this is a great way to get all the benefits from each. You notice subtle changes which on the aggregate make significant benefits


Highly recommended. Focus and energy is awesome.

Brainzyme® Focus Pro™

Very good

It’s really good and it’s helping me a lot. Very much like it

Good product, have used before, a godsend for studying!

They clear the fog from my head

I notice now that when I don’t take the Focus Pro, my head feels like its foggy and not totally clear. I would say that's testament that these really do help my brain focus and concentrate but with no side effects. It happens without you really noticing which in my opinion is just what you want. Great product - I’ve already bought more.

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™
Trevor Gilchrist
Surprisingly true to the claims.

I’ve purchased a lot of natural “solutions” over the years. They have almost all fallen into one of three categories: 1) probably authentic, but how can you ever know? 2) all marketing; no substance. 3) a scam.

I took the plunge on these after a YouTube health guy recommended them and after I sensed an authenticity to the company’s presentation. I was skeptical about the speed with which I was promised to feel the effects, so was expecting to buy once, then never again.
I’m pleased to report that what the company claims for the Focus Elite (I’ve not tried the others) was, for me, accurate and impressive. I ordered one months worth, and ended up giving half to my son who was having trouble with motivation at school. He reported a positive difference on day one. I felt it on day one also. I suspected a placebo effect, but when I ran out and had to spend a few days waiting for my re-order, I really could notice NOT having them.

So, bottom line, these work for me. I’ve referred two other people and they report the same. They’re great if your flagging in these trying times. They don’t give me any caffeine jitters or debilitating collapse later in the day. All natural and safe. I’m a convert. Just ordered the three month package.

And one last note. The emails I’ve received from Brainzyme since purchasing have been everything one would hope by way of communication — not pushy. Not trying to up-sell me. Tips and advice that’s actually useful. Polite. Succinct.

So 5 stars all round.


It is just perfect. My ADHD has been under control because of it and It has been a life saver being a PhD student.