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Brainzyme® Focus Elite™
Loved it too much

Love this stuff!!! But build up a tolerance so taking a month off before re ordering


These tablets really make you focus and concentrate even on the littlest bits, makes me wonder how amazing it is that the the mind can be under some form of influence of control. With precision, eagerness, determined mindset, these tabs should be worldwide known!!

Very good

It does what it say

Brainzyme Focus Elite

I am using this product , after eat 2 tablet at morning , i feel good , but i am worried about finish this product .

Brainzyme® Focus (3-in-1) Set™


Definitely enhanced my focus and gave me clarity to do my work on the computer. Mahalo!

Absolutely worth it!

I really appreciated the service lately and the product is very effective and working!!!
I had some servere issues with the delivery but the people from service did everything to compensate it.

Brainzyme original

Decided to go for original this time round and I am very happy with the results. Such a beautiful product.

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™
Rune K.S.P. Fjeseth
Great product.

I have used the focus elite for about a month now and it always gives me that little extra to get through intense days.

focus elite

absolutely love it.. makes a huge difference

Brainzyme® Focus Pro™
Tom Prendergast
Increased focus and attention, recommended!

Love this stuff, been using it for the last month and focus/attention has noticeably increased. Affiliate scheme is cool too money off for recommending

Thanks Brainzyme! Tom x

Great pick me up

These capsules are really good. Definitely helps with fatigue and I sleep better at night.

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™

great product seen positive results in my trading results since taking these. Would recommend and buying again soon!

Brainzyme review

I was a little sceptical before trying the supplement, however I found that after I tried to focus on a task, I was able to retain my focus and complete it through to the end. Which was what I was looking for when I ordered brainzyme.

I gave it 4 stars because after taking it for about 3-4 days, it’s effects seemed to degrade? Maybe it was my method of storage (I left it caped on my desk, but the weather was averaging around 18-22 degrees in Melbourne - I am a little unsure if these environmental conditions effect the supplements)

Brainzyme® Focus Pro™

Do I really need them?

I think so. And that is why I am still using them.

Excellent product

At first I was very dubious about the promises this product made. Having now tried it, I don't even care if it is a placebo, it has helped me cut out a lot of the bad things in my life, so I can focus on the good.

Brainzyme® Focus Original™

Brainzyme® Focus Pro™
Hugh Murthwaite
Hugh Murthwaite

Love the Brain Zyme Focus Pro, helps me stayed focused and completed tasks way more efficiently, giving me more time to work on my business and spend time with family!

Brainzyme® Focus Pro™
Brainzyme benefits

I only take one Focus when I have a lot to do and it certainly lives up to it's name. An active 92 year young I feel it also gives me physical energy

New Experience

Both work well on their own but the mixing of the Focus Pro and the free sample, Focus Elite was amazing!
Has helped my depression, anxiety, mood in general and I have the energy to do things that make me happy! Finally a revolution!

Brainzyme® Focus Pro™
Maximilian Malte Kerski

Great stuff works

Brainzyme® Focus Elite™


I love having the option of using one of the 3 different bottles per what type of day I think I'm going to have. I have mixed the Focus Pro and Focus Elite (one capsule each) if I'm not sure if it's going to be a stressful day, but I know it'll be a long day at work, and found those results to be effective. I like the option of the 6 hour energy in the Original formula for days that I'm home and need to do housework but don't want something in my system that long.
There is one downfall and I can't say it is due to Brainzyme products, but I do get headaches on the days that I take the Elite and or Pro and I've never taken more than 2 capsules. This may be due to other stressors but on days that I haven't taken the product, I do not get the strong headaches. Just thought I would mention in case someone else has had a similar experience.