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Brainzyme Elite.... True to it's word!

Absolutely love taking the Brainzyme Elite.
Some mornings, I feel quite tired from 12 hour day shifts.
I'm not for one moment suggesting these supplements should be a substitute for quality sleep, however when your doing long shifts they really do help keep me focused and calm in what is sometimes stressful situations.
Great supplement, just remember to drink plenty of water with them as it suggests.
I don't plan to change to any other supplement as these give me all the additional support I need! 😊
Highly recommend Brainzyme.

Thank you Brainzyme 😊

Really helps my ADHD- Focus & Mood

I wish I had discovered Brainzyme years ago!
I was diagnosed with ADHD/ADD a year ago.
I discovered Brainzyme by chance online, & I notice a difference normally within an hour of taking it and feel so much happier, calmer, more focused and less anxious. I also sleep more deeply since starting it Brainzyme. I also discovered since reading Dr J Greenblatts excellent book ‘Finally Focused’ that many of the things that ADHDers can be low in are included in Brainzyme. I take it daily and have now subscribed to it, as I am so happy with the product. Thank you

Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™
Michelle Thompson
Brainzyme FOCUS PRO



I bought these as a last resort for my daughter whom is 13 and has autism and a long awaited diagnosis of adhd she struggles daily especially at school. Since taking these she has been less anxious, angry, stressed and more focused on work in school. We have had no reports of bad behaviour from school since starting these which was normally regularly every couple of days, my younger child age 11 has started taking the mild ones and also finds she can focus more at school we have no subscribed and as a family are all going to start taking them for good brain health. Thank you!

Happy with purchase

I definitely notice a difference when I take my this.

It takes time but it works

Took Brainzyme products over a year to help recovery from post-Covid issues such as brain frog, fatigue and anxiety. I use Focus Pro and Elite interchangeable but never stop. It takes time to build up the benefits but it works well. My memory comes back, feeling less stress and sleeps better at night as I am less anxious now. I received good customer support when I started using the products.

Thumbs up from me

I have diagnosed ADHD, currently unmedicated & the Brainzyme started bundle has definitely had a positive impact to my focus, motivation & allowed me to get more work done than normal, I have also felt more calm & chilled out. I found the Elite version works best for me, the pro was too strong for me & had negative effects & I am currently getting on well with the original.

5 star

I am benefitting from Brainzyme beyond expectation, after 2 hours I take the Capsule ,I feel alert, focused,wiliing to express my self without hesitation or inhabition,I am 88 years old (young) now, alert physically& mentally. I would like to recomend Brainzyme to anybody without hesitation, I thak my son who reccomended to me after some research, I am a retired G.P started going togym 4 times a week

Brainzyme® FOCUS ELITE™
Mustafa Marghoob
It works!

I have been using Focus Products on and off for a about 5 months and I can confidently say IT WORKS!
Focus Pro gave the "strongest" effects but Focus Elite hit that SweetSpot for me. The focus combined with an Elevated Mood.

Special thanks to Sindy for the incredible customer service and support!

Excellent Product

Amazing product, this really does keep me focused as well as a sharper brain. I have been using focus for over six months and I have seen a massive difference in my ability to remember and stay on task at work all day. I would highly recommend this product.

Love this product

I was sceptical but desperate enough to give them a try. Definitely made a difference. I work in a job where I need to be on my A game all the time and after experiencing brain fog for what seems like forever, and been a really good procrastinator, I have definitely noticed a difference in energy, motivation and ability to concentrate. Think I need a top up late in the afternoon if it's a busy shift at work but I Definitely recommend these for anyone needing a little help to stay focused. Wish I had discovered these when I was writing my dissertation.

Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™
Sarah Abdul Manap
Brainzyme is my daily necessity

I have fatigue and memory issues and brainzyme focus pro really helps! No jitters and lessens anxiety.

Focus and mood support that works!

Focus Elite is an amazing product. I started recommending it to my patients after trying it out. It gives you the energy and motivation needed to start tasks and then focus as long as necessary until completion.

Wow! Life changing!

I can’t believe how great these are.
They work quickly and last all day. I only take one tablet in the morning that’s enough! They have helped me with focus, clarity, concentration and productivity. For anyone with ADHD these are a great alternative to meds with the added bonus of no crash or side effects other than a slight thirst. All 3 worked for me, but my fav is Elite.

Not a complete game-changer, but my focus is better

I haven't felt a huge difference except a slight "I've had my coffee" bit of energy, and I've been able to focus on some things much more effectively.

Most importantly, though, my wife says I'm an awful lot more pleasant to live with when I take them.

Hard to remember to take them sometimes, but much happier with this than trying meds. Have sample packs of the other products and will try them once I'm a bit more settled.

Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™

Great product

I’m really happy with this product, the reason I gave it 4 is because for me, the Brainzyme Pro worked, the original kind of worked and Elite did make me feel relaxed but I didn’t notice any difference in my productivity. Great product I will just be buying pro in the future.


I take the brainzyme focus pros and also on occasions the brainzyme focus elite. They both work wonders for me and I can get through the day without feeling sluggish and clears any Brian fog I have. I could not recommend Brainzyme enough. I have introduced Brainzyme to my friends and they also have started taking them. Good work brainzyme 👍

Brainzyme Focus Pro

An excellent product. Works as it says. Definitely helps with focus and energy.

I love the product, it really works. I will say just try it and get your own opinion :)

Brainzyme Focus Pro tablets

I get these tablets for my adult son on a monthly basis as he has been suffering brain fog due to Long Covid. He tells me these tablets have been proving an excellent help in focus and concentration. He is very pleased with the improvement they have made in his life. His partner put a post on Face Book recommending them, she was so impressed!

Spark in the old noggin

I have been using these products for several years now and I am still impressed by how good they still work.
I have made it part of my daily routine.

Brainzyme® FOCUS PRO™
Alexandros Prenta
Brain boost

I am an artist and some times my brain doesn’t want to focus on long sessions. I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect but helped me focus , be less stressed and more motivated to do things. I am using it for 2 months so far and I want to see how it works for longer period.

Brainzyme® FOCUS™ Starter Bundle

Working well

Seems to be helping me. I started with 2 tablets but now take 3 a day.